Sprinter keeps overriding my custom *rc! How can I stop it?

Sprinter will always inject itself after everything in a profile or rc file, with the exception of text in a block surrounded by #SPRINTER_OVERRIDES. These will always run after any sprinter configuration.

How do I make a sprinter formula?

A sprinter formula is just a python module or egg that a python class extends the ‘formulabase’ class, located in sprinter.formula.formulabase.

If you’re not familiar with python, it’s easier to just follow an example, like this one: https://github.com/toumorokoshi/yt.formula.node.

I need help! Who do I talk to?

If you have a question about a specific formula, it’s best to pots a bug or talk to the author or the formula.

If you have questions about sprinter, your best bet is to post a message in the Google Group.

If there’s behaviour that you think is a bug, you can also create a ticket.